Monday, January 21, 2013

Parts for Retro Parts

I found these old XTR shifters at a buddies garage sale before he split town.  I don't even think he charged me for them but I also didn't realize that they didn't have barrel adjusters so getting them to work would be a process.  There was a brief tick in time where M950 XTR shifters and M739 XT shifters used a barrel adjuster with an oversized 8mm bolt.  M8-0.75 threading to be exact.  With no luck tracking down the real items produced for these shifters I was forced to try and dig up some bolts of that size to make some barrels.  I combed the internets for a while after a trip to my only descent hardware store turned up nothing.  The only thing that came up for that size was a replacement part for a hitachi with no pick and finally....chainring bolts.  I fashioned these replacement barrels out of the latter and for some food calories and some electricity for the drill and air compressor.

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