Monday, May 12, 2014

The Widest Drop Bars Ever Made

I really don't know if there's any accuracy to that claim, but I do believe it to be true.  At 30.75" tip to tip I don't think anyone in the spandex community ever came up with anything that wide.  I usually try to talk people out of their existing dirt drops.  In Arizona they don't offer much to most.  Dirt roads turn quickly into the need for a real mountain bike....and most of us just aren't up to the skill that Johnny T had back in '88, nor do we have a Tioga disc drive sponsorship.  But Taylor came up with an idea that made a lot more sense and it kept his posture where it would be comfortable for days on end, and allowed for good descending on real dirt so I accepted the project.  

The idea was to maintain the bar angle of his Salsa dirt drops, raise the braking position 1", maintain multiple hand positions and allow for all day comfort and leverage of a 6'4" clydesdale.  The Shifters and brake levers are provided by Paul; it takes mountain bike parts and every inch of standard length cables.  His initial reaction to the finished product was much stoke, and he said they fit....both his hands and his vision.  Thanks for the cool project Taylor.  Ride far!