Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'm always a big fan of when I bike takes on a personality before it is realized.  This one is already going on three or four personalities which are really just overlaps of one another but no one (be it human or beast) can have too many nicknames.  Hedge's build request for this bike was The BIG Lizard in my Backyard.  I asked if he meant the Giant Iguana.  Definitely.  If the Giant Iguana were actually a bike instead of a crappy relic of 90s chinese manufacturing that I spent way too much of my teenage bike years dealing with, just imagine how it would ride.....It would totally slay!  This one's got big wheels, tons of travel, a short-ish rear end, and slack angles that still let you know where your wheels are.  Its a romper from its inception, and its life will be spent getting totally thrashed while serving as a home to its hobo, Hedge.  The "Floop Tail" is a first but any lizard needs a namesake tail.  We still haven't found any of those old Giant Iguana decals yet though, so the current thought is to make it an '89 Oakland A's team bike.  Georgians beware of the arrival of the 1989 World Series Champion Oakland A's at your this fall.  Carney and The Eck are out to put the hurt on.

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