Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spy Shots

Well life certainly hasn't ceased over here at Moustache Cycles, though the production time of the most recent project did take some months.  There have been a number of other projects and journeys going on in my world from carpentry to solar arrangements along with two trips back east with another one on the horizon....I just downloaded the camera and the pictures of this project that's wrapping up date back to July when parts were being amassed.  Kramp-Stache.  This one takes advantage of all my offerings, though the complete package is not pictured here.  It was so demanding of my brain power and energy that I skipped out on taking pictures of all but the new processes and here's a sneak peak of what's coming.  I'm pretty excited about, I'm really excited about it as it exhibits a number of ideas I've wanted to bring about for....well...since I started doing this.

rigging, jigging, digging

bonus points if you can tell me what you're seeing above
(yes its a crown race seat, but why isn't it normal)



Steel rests on Steel rests on Steel