Sunday, September 08, 2013


With all the influx of over-hyped, over-marketed bikes coming to the magazines and shop floors these days, I started to think about what ol' Jim Jones would do.  He'd brew up some of his own Kool-Aid for y'all to drink.  So here you go, a swift whipping backlash to everything cool in the market right now, brewed up by all your favorite Flagstaff retro-fanatics to look like a cooler full of your favorite corn-syrup infused flavors.  Its the Cosmic Coc-Stache 24er.  And its Kooler than you could imagine.

What's hiding under that thick layer of Iron Horse candy are NOS Tange Prestige Ultimate ribbed top and down tubes circa ~1993, a pair of genuine Coconino seat stays fabbed by Mr. Garro himself, hand ground (by me) drop-outs and seat tube sleeve, and chainstays formed in house.  The powder coat is quite heavy and mostly hides the ribbing of the tubes until you get real close; even then it leaves you wondering what's going on.

The brakes are fully machined Hope Hydraulic breast cancer edition brakes that were once anodized pink and still feature flower etchings throughout...the rotors are just the beginning of their finish work.

Hand ground dropouts and disc tabs front and rear hold the polished Paul 36 hole hubs, laced to Velocity Aeroheats by Mr. Heinchez of Cosmic Cycles.  Schwalbe Table Tops provide the traction, and a Profile three piece crank (nobody does retro-backlash like Profile) links power to the wheels.

Those are no-file fillets on all the main tube and stay junctions while the fork, bars and dropouts got the full polish. 

Moustache Angry Mantis bars with 4.5" of rise mated to an extra tall head tube locate the hands somewhere between sprint and comfortable cruise position.  They are gripped with a Thomson BMX (alien) stem.  The seatpost is a Thomson as well and WTB (of course) provides the contact points.

Shred Bear approves of his drink flavors as he launches down the underpass artwork and across the drainage ditch en-route to the thirty-onesy birthday luau.  You can see and maybe even ride the Kool-Aid 24er at Cosmic Cycles as it will mostly live there for the enjoyment of the masses. 

Sorry for the blog-tastic absence of late, more to come soon, I promise!