Sunday, November 06, 2011


...really a half hearted attempt at a report of the goings on in the month of OktuberFest!.  It was always.  Every year I tend to think I exist in a world of perpetual summer...that summer will go on forever and come OktuberFest! I realize that isn't exactly a reality and scramble to party as hard as I can until eventually and inevitably I drop, collapse from the tired that is left from an endless summer only to wake up and pick up the pieces and accept that winter is coming.  This weekend was the drop....or maybe it was last monday and this weekend was just an aftershock.  Anyways OktuberFest! is behind us now and winter is staring me in the face with early season snow and a wood stack that looks a little short.  The last month was pretty much a never ending costume party that brought me down the colorado river with the only goal in the end being to weird out as many regular folk as possible.  This trip morphed into my everyday life in the aftermath....and the world is undoubtedly a better place for it.  All I can really say about the trip to the likes of you reading this is....YOU MUST DO THIS!...and when you do this, do it right, none too seriously, and with as many costumes as you can possibly conjure up.  Everyday is a new day in the canyon so why not let it be halloween?  Of course there are those who will never understand, but that just makes it all the better for those that do.  

"when the going gets weird....the weird turn pro."

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