Friday, September 23, 2011

Local Happenings

This film will premier here next week.  Too bad I will not be around to catch the party as I'm sure all the great faces of this fine town will be out and about.  Changing Gears: Flagstaff and the Mountain Bike.  Featured on the cover of this week's Flag Live is one S. Heinchez....riding around on his custom 650b Moustache (though the bike is not exactly pictured).


And in other news I am off to the depths of the canyon to float in great pirate style amidst those whom I do not know for the next two and a some weeks.  When John Wesley Powell first brought his government sanctioned crew down the Green and Colorado rivers though this great chasm they thought they were entering further and further into the depths of HELL to never be returned.  Good-Bye world!

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