Saturday, April 09, 2011

Ray's Tourer

I'm snowed in today so that gave me the chance to pretty much wrap up Ray's touring bike.  That being said its April and I'm just now finishing my first bike of 2011.  Ray is known about town for his exquisite taste in bikes so that said I was a little intimidated to take on this project, but more so, I was honored.   He had some cool ideas and I hope my take on them more than meets his expectations.  This bike is getting a full XT drivetrain with Paul Neo-Retro cantis.  It will take full racks and fenders and can be built up geared or single speed, versatile as always. It features some items I've never used before, like Campy long throw dropouts, and a bi-plane fork crown carved out of 3/16" plate chromoly.  That said, there are a lot of hours into this bike.  I'll get some finished pics up fo sho, but for now here's some of the build process.

this project took lots of brain power and time and probably won't be repeated for a while...or at least without a mill.

barrel adjuster for rear brake (adjusting your brakes with a rack on is a serious hassle)

bottle bosses cleanly brazed with silver

the square stock comes out....uh oh...what's this going to be?....

A Kickstand Plate.....WHOA COOL!

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