Thursday, April 14, 2011

I ended up with this today

....well really I first drew up this design around xmas time.  Then after I drew it I saw something similar on a bike shown at NAHBS, on something respectable like maybe a Black Sheep.  This was my first attempt and there will surely be more to follow.  I made up a plywood jig with a removable steerer on a slide so you can adjust reach.  The steerer is fixed at 71 deg with the bars on a 20 deg backsweep and I added 4-5 deg of upsweep by placing a shim at the ends of the bard.  I'm very pleased with the result.  Good brazing too.  The alignment is better than all but one of the stems I did two weeks ago.   On a quick early morning spin up the the mailbox they feel stiff and solid.  Can't wait to ride tomorrow.  Its been good here.  The thaw is coming about nicely.....RICHARD

I think I will call them the MOOSE-STACHE bars
somethin' like that


  1. The verdict on these bars after a few rides now is...awesome. I hope to make a few revisions in the sets that come to make better use of the curves as second hand positions and I'm going to remake the jig out of angle iron with an adjustable sweep feature.

  2. I'll take a set, at your leisure of can deliver 'em at the fall tour!