Monday, December 13, 2010


Shawna's bike is coming along.  It has taken a while but I really don't feel like I've put that much time into it.  Its been short days really and lots of days off last week.  Here's a photo update of the progress and a few randoms.

Paragon order came in.  I love ordering from them.  Their stuff is oh so fine.  Ten pairs of Bottle opener dropouts.

Checking things out before moving on.  Tire clearance, alignment, chainring and derailleur clearance.

The nicest of the lugs out of the soak tank.

Mock up with a 68x107 BB, a 9 speed cassette and a 26/36/48 crank, old XTR.  The chainring clearance is a little tight with this setup but I like the chainline with the 107 bb so I'm going to dimple the chainstay on the outside.

Fitting up the seat stays.  This is a piece of 1/2" x .035 chromoly.  This bike was just begging for some straight gauge here.  I looked at some tapered and other options but they just didn't look right.  This was the last piece I had though so I had to track some down.  Thanks Garro.

Dimpling the chain stay.

The dimple.

Blended the head tube extension.

Making some classy seatstays out of straight gauge.  Not the best braze here

Finished and ready for attaching to the bike.

The fork is done and now its cleaned up.  Paul U-brakes.  I haven't hooked them up to a lever yet but they feel strong.

Tomorrow I get to put these things together into something cool.  I think I'm going to like this setup.  That's all for now.  Goodnight.

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