Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Shawna's bike is finished.  Dun.  tapped and faced and sanded and all that.  Purdy too.  It'll be cool to see it under powder.  The brake bridge is an extension of the upper rack mounts and should be very stiff.  In other shop happening....I got a sweet custom one off handlebar from the Volcano in the mail this summer and have yet to figure out what to do with it but I sanded the rust off and gave it a clear coat of engine enamel and decided to turn the VooDoo into a winter commuter.  All the hydraulics need to be rebuilt though.  The brakes don't work and the fork needs new seals.  Good thing the snow isn't sticking yet.  

The photos are of something that has become somewhat of a ritual to in the new bike gets shown off inside the house for a brief spell and I usually spend the rest of the finished evening staring it and marveling in its creation.  

Elder Heinchez is up next.  He's on the new side to mountain biking and has been riding on mostly borrowed (and ill-fitting) equipment.  It'll be a squat, stable 26" with a long top tube that'll barrel through tough spots in the trail.  The way the Elder described his bike to be is like his guitar playing...he does a lot with a little.  To me that says fat tires....yesss.

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  1. keep crankin 'em out... I like the lugs. The seatstays look sharp and I like the rack eyelet brazing process.... good idea.