Friday, March 26, 2010

Tour Log: Baja - Day 5

Where's Evan?  (Evan rides Moustache number 5 and he is touring in Baja somewhere also.  All I know is he took a ferry across the Sea of Cortez from the mainland and was intending to head north.  I don't know his plan if he has one, but he left four days before me).  I didn't really expect to see him today but I did envision the perfect world.  We could be on par to meet up or in reality he could be up to 3 days ahead of me heading north to San Felipe.  Either way I have a decision to make tomorrow, and I'm glad.  At least then I will have some direction or destination on this trip, something I could use more of in life.  After 5+ days I will at least have that.  Today was another long day in the saddle.  Dawn to dusk and then a few more K.  160K total today.  Greater than yesterday (only by a few).  That's like back to back centuries.  El Rosario was a good stop before going into the desert.  It is the first stop on the Baja 1000 race and has been every year since it started in 1967.  This desert is the most beautiful I've ever seen.  Cirios shoot up like spears from the rocky landscape as well as plenty of cardon cactus and chollas.  I was blessed with a tail wind most of the way across, but I'm tired and my butt hurts from two long days.  My dinner: Can of beans, can of tuna, cheese, cold corn tortillas.  My lunch:  cookies, peanut butter.  My body:  tired, wants fruit, unreplenished. 

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