Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tour Log: Baja - Day 4

A sleepless night by the roar of cars and trucks driving by on the highway.  I was up as soon as I could see sun meet land.  I coasted into San Vicente and got some birria quesadillas and coffee.  Then I pedaled.  In Colon I got some fish tacos.  Not the best, but only $2.  Then I pedaled.  The towns today all looked the same...dirt pull offs to the store fronts meeting the road with no shoulder headed straight south.  I passed the turn off for Cuarto Casas Surf Hostel.  Skip it.  I wanted out of this never ending strip of the same town.

In San Quintin I got shot in the ass with a BB gun by a kid younger than me riding in the bed of a truck.  His friends didn't realize, but when they reached a safe distance beyond a red light he told them and they all laughed all seven of them.  At first I thought it was a rock but it stung for longer than I expected it to.  It was a good shot I must say.  And what could I have done about it even if I wanted to?  Karma's a bitch, kid.  The next same town to the south the string ended and I was 60K from El Rosario, gateway to the Baja Desert.  Bring it.  I've been pedaling since dawn and I could go another 60 so I could start across the desert in the morning.  If I see Evan it'll be in the next day or two.   In the perfect world we'll arrive simultaneously where the dirt road heads north to San Felipe.  Otherwise its <1200 K to LaPaz.  Holy Shit.  I came back in sight of the ocean in the Valle Tranquilo and decided I needed to spend the night on this beach. 

I watched the sun set over the pebble beach with waves crashing and pelicans in flight before moving behind the large dune to take shelter from the wind.  Not a person or even a light in sight and brighter stars than I have ever seen.  Muy Tranquilo indeed.

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