We're just two days out from the 2017 MMFFHU.  I suppose those of you who have been reading here are wondering if this information is even relevant:  IT IS!  Well save for the dates on the announcements that state the event being held a year ago.  It was and this year we're ON again.  See you Friday as you're getting on your shuttle to all the pop music trails.

The Announcement can be found by clicking HERE

A letter from the ride director can be found HERE

Please read these documents and spare the festival volunteers of your would be gripes.  That is all.


  1. Are you riding fun trails?

  2. I don't really know how to answer this question. Most people will not consider this ride "fun"; it is aptly dubbed the Fun-Hater. My opinions about the route likely differ wildly from most vacationers and festival attendees. The description of the ride linked above is to be taken seriously: 6+ in it could be seven or eight. Most of the ride will be on trails that are far older than the poster trails that made Sedona popular in recent years. Fun is a matter of opinion; some might be fun, others may not be.

    The same question was asked by a Sedona local, newer to mountain biking, who wanted to meet up while out scouting this ride...the answer to him was "no".

  3. If you put 2 wheels between your legs, it is going to be fun, even if you hate it

  4. what's "fun"? I followed links trying to reach Gaylord Lumbago's watercolor art page And I found this link to this perverted athletic male triumph trumpeteering?! I'll see you at 9:30 tomoro..