Saturday, May 09, 2015

Thru Axle Unicrown Fork, Vise Pedestal

This fork is on its way to Alaska after getting a coat of black powder to fit up onto a bike I did up a couple years back.  It is a long time in the works, mainly because for the longest time I didn't have a dummy thru axle, but then because the machine tooling obsession took over and I really didn't want to hand miter another unicrown fork.  It has the original Paragon thru axle dropouts that I ordered when they first came available, so that should put a bit of a timeline to the project to those of you who want to really pick this apart.  So now its done and its about the most badass rigid fork I can imagine.  Raked tapered blades, externally butted steerer, tabs for a truss rack, clearance for 29+or-"er.

Oh yeah, I welded up a sweet new rocket ship vise pedestal.  The angle of the photograph makes it look small and top heavy.  It isn't.  Its 36" high bringing the jaws up to about 42" from the floor in hopes of getting better posture when polishing brass.  Thanks to the viking for the time on the mig welder to make this happen.  Its super sturdy and I haven't even bolted it to the floor yet.  

Here's a better picture:


  1. Hi,
    Very nice looking fork!
    What blades you're using and how you raked them?

  2. The blades are True Temper and the bend is not easy. I consider that propriatary!

  3. Ok, I understand that.
    Are the blades with 20mm or 13.8mm tips?