Sunday, September 07, 2014

Receiving Department

I get to wear many hats and do many jobs in this venture.  Aside from being the fabricator, one of my favorite jobs around here is the receiving department.  I'm always stoked to get a package of stuff on the doorstep.  Here's a few of late:

Paragon Machine Works:  Nuff said.

L.H. Thomson:  a full stock of stem and seatpost offerings from my favorite aerospace rednecks.  I've been running the 27.2 dropper post for the past month with good result so far.  It is the only dropper post to live up the the testing standards of a bicycles seatpost.  Though having that nifty little switch to lock S-foils in attack position did distract me enough to crash out hard.  User error. 

And my latest:  A full stock of "unfinished custom golf shafts" stated on the packing slip.

The "Golf Shafts" are actually polished out custom drawn 7/8" True Temper straight gauge chromoly.  They really do put the "chrome" (chromium) in chromoly.  I expect this tubing to be a fair bit harder than what is available at retail from the aircraft suppliers.  This order comprised of two different gauges of 7/8" tubing totaling over 400'....its pretty much a minimum order.  Should be about enough for 60 bikes worth of both handlebars and chainstays.  Now onto re-tooling the forms....


  1. id be down to take some of that off your hands if you feel over stocked

  2. Thatcher, I'd be happy to sell off some of that cro-mo if that's what you're referring to. Drop me an email, eh?

  3. I like that new white "Golf Cart"