Thursday, April 17, 2014


So I finally got around to making my special lady a bike....we've been massing the parts for a while now, and making notes of the setbacks offered by her former steed.  This one has the last main tubes of the old stock of Prestige tubing...they were just barely long enough to make a 650B downtube and they are ribbed....fluted I guess you could say. 1/10th millimeter variations in the wall concentrically around the top tube and down tube with a symmetrical and long butt profile.  The "up" ribs are .8 mm, the down ribs are .7 mm. 

The booty of this beast is all straight gauge aircraft tubing bent up in house.  Nick at Iron Horse did me a solid on the paint....I was going for a concept I called the midnight fade, but it ended up looking a lot like Shrek's girlfriend.....or a midnight fade.

First bike to feature a product of the lathe....44mm head tube rings.  I will never again think or speak of the way these were made before.  And as Paragon expands their selection of machined head tubes to include more and more sizes, they may altogether become a thing of the past.  Amen.

Full length housing on the ribbed top tube to a chainstay mount disc brake. 

This thing came out smooth!

Hope to have it built up this weekend.  

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