Friday, April 25, 2014


Hacksaws and grinders; hand files, some emory, and a little one at a time at the vise.  One of these days I'll figure out how to set up the lathe for mitering.

Its a breather hole that is not drilled into the stay

The duck understands the concepts of "float" and "flight".....important when one's duty is regulating the back wheel of a hard tail that'll see many many miles.

I got to lace up some of the new WTB KOM rims...very nice.

Singles Speed Flagstaff style....don't let the parts you don't have keep you from riding your new bike...

....and an hour later....

The paint scheme is supposed to represent re-entering the atmosphere....The rider has been out in space for a while enjoying some future bikes.  Hopefully his return to earth has let him realize the advancements of the '90s.  Enjoy your new bike, Blair!


  1. Sweet sled! Are the stem and/or bars your creation as well?
    What's the current length of your queue?

  2. Stem and bars too...though I shall say that the stem is not something I will readily make again....maybe if you have a sweet road bike that just needs it to match up...they're very hard to make, very time consuming, and just not worth it in the end. Have a mountain bike?, get a Thomson. I have a run sizing stems that I made a few years back to see how feasible stems were for making, now they get used for figuring out. Taking orders for this summer!

  3. That no drill breather hole is real interesting... copper? Change of subject...What is the travel on your personal green machine?

  4. Yeah, copper, AC spruce, I don't know the specifics. I was hoping it would pass a bare cable, but no. Copper brazes up fine with brass....or silver. Shrek is 140mm 26". Its about the most I'd want to do on a hard tail. Big Lizard is 140mm 29er....coming up 140mm 650B yeah!

  5. heck yeah man I dig it! hope you're riding and staying busy building!