Sunday, December 08, 2013

Slow Roll Out

I know, I know, everyone is asking me where the Kramp-Stache is...I know its taking a long time.  But thinking about it this past week while picking up a chain at the shop, of course its a slow roll out....its a SLOW BIKE.  It would be completely confused if its creation was anything but slow.  Not all aspects of this wore nicely on my patience however.  I'm not a fan of the Rabbit hole rims for instance.  They were nothing but a pain to build and I pretty much scrapped all visual readout on the truing stand and "tuned" these wheels like any self respecting bass player:  to themselves by plucking the spokes and adjusting tension according to sound.  The only measurement holding any meaning to me otherwise was the dish of the wheel, as the traditional methods of adjusting the wheel to true and round only seemed to cause greater problems elsewhere once the nipples were turned.  I even busted out the guitar tuner to see if it would pick up the frequencies of the spokes resonating trough my stand and dining room table (yeah, we're classy around here).  It seemed promising at first, but I later came to find that it was reading that frequency its showing in the picture regardless of whether I was plucking the spokes.  I guess that's what you get from some POS you found at a hobo camp in the woods.  Maybe it was picking up on my frustrations with the wheel build that lasted longer than any other.  Progress was made.....slowly.

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  1. ...the bike is riding awesomely! Here's some more not-so-secret images for you to use as you wish!