Saturday, December 21, 2013

Head South

....Like a goose in flight. I didn't mean for this disc tab to turn out looking like airborne fowl.  Funny thing is its the second one this week.  The first one being at the carpentry job and presenting itself as woodgrains on some tongue & groove siding.  Unfortunately that one would not likely see it into production as the one above, since when you turn the siding vertically it looked more phallic than avian.  Anyway I'm following the goose this week with the bars below in tow to fix up my mom's bike.  She's been asking me to do this for all too long.  Given that she's 67 and still wanting to get out I thought I'd take a bit back on the original remake that it was given ten years ago that essentially turned my old '94 GT Tequesta into a flat bar road bike.  I fabbed up some uber comfy bull moose risers for this new incarnation.  I hope she likes them.  I had no measurements to go on and only a ten year old educated guess.  

On that note....don't build yourselves into a hole out there folks.  I had to cut up my home made jig to get these bars free.  Went too fast in coming up with the clamping and forgot that you have to get these things out of the jig.  Guess it'll be time for a new one.

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