Tuesday, January 03, 2012


New Years Resolutions:

1.  To exponentially increase the volume of music in my "retro" collection....as inspired by the radio show formerly known as "The House of Retro-Pleasure."

2.  Sell some bikes.

3.  Do stuff....namely make adventures and ride bikes like this one....my new one a long time in the works.

I've been in Sedona the last three days sending out the old year and ringing in the new one in a T-shirt and shorts testing out this green monster.  Its spec'd with some new goodies from Chris King, Profile and WTB such as the new Frequency i23 rims which laced up quite nicely.  The fork is a Fox Float 36 thru axle with a 1.5 inch tapered steerer necked down to 140mm of travel.  Old school 26" wheels for the catching of air wherever possible and cuz I just get tired of spinning 29" up long climbs.  Angles are 68.5/72 HT/ST.  And no it isn't light, but it does fly.  Any questions?

Happy New Year to all yous reading out there.


  1. Just curious ...how retro are you getting?

  2. how bout starting with public image limited, Depeche Mode, Eurythmics...I know that'll ring with you. Trying to weed out the "bad" though.

  3. Hey. That bike looks awesome! The seat/chain stays look rad. And did you make the cranks? I have a question/concern about Shiela. There seems to be a crack just below the seat ring. I can't tell what it is. Should I take it to someone to take off the paint and look? And if it is cracked what should i do? Yikes! Shiela and I are concerned.

  4. Lynn send me pictures and check your email.

  5. .....and its nice to see you here!