Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lost In The Mix

I managed to finish up the Heinchez 650B bike.  Scott picked the build kit and he know's what he's doing.  King bearings all about, XT/XTR drivetrain, Avid BB7s, Paul levers.  He's been riding the piss out of this thing and has almost worn out the back tire already.  The chainstays are shorter than most 26" bikes and the rear wheel backs out of the frame without having to remove the caliper.  Check out the bulges on the seat tube and the custom bent seat stays.  Word so far is that its super stable and if the Heinchez were forced to evacuate due to fire and was only allowed to take one bike (Heinchez has a fine collection including an old Fat Chance road bike with a Mavic kit, a Rock Lobster, a Geoffrey Butler with friction Super Record, and a few other unmentionables), it'd be his Moustache Ride.  Hell Yeah!


  1. hey hermano, thought of you when we heard about the fires... glad to know you're still causing havoc... :) see you in the fall