Friday, June 04, 2010

Bike to Work Week

We celebrated bike to work week a couple weeks ago.  Its so nice to live in a town that puts on an event such as this and people actually support it by participating.  I was lucky enough to be able to ride everyday that week.  I try to ride whenever I can anyway but being on call for the forest service sometimes means hauling large amounts of laundry and showing up before dawn and my 45 minute ride just doesn't happen under those conditions.  The commutes this particular week were amazing though.  So many friendly smiling faces and hellos.  There were also events and fun rides to mark the occasion, most notably the tweed ride and bike to breakfast day.  The tweed ride was just as it sounds.  Show up to Mia's Lounge dressed in your finest wool attire, drink some whiskey, socialize, and then pedal around.  We pulled up in front of Zach's house where he sped ahead and readied a bottle of scotch.  Those informed on our whereabouts wheeled into the yard and took a pull.  The ice cream truck at Thorpe park forced another stop.  And this sort of behavior continued until the sun went down.  A fine evening.  Thursday morning was bike to breakfast day.  I managed some coffee and some coffee cake and fruit, but I guess I missed the real gems of the morning by leaving too late and opting for my usual breakfast burrito and its load of calories.  I did however find myself in some interesting conversations outside of the breakfast stops.  Something about bikes and free food puts people in really good moods.  This should happen more often, the biking to work that is...for the masses anyway...the free breakfasts and coffee too.

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  1. We had "drive your jacked up 4 wheel drive to work day" Betsy and I were totally screwed on that one. Oh well... Rabun county is rad!