Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tour Log: Baja - Day 2

Rosarito to Ensenada.  I first heard of this ride nine years ago in Reno and have always wanted to do it.  I took the two lane road that cuts inland.  Truly beautiful.  So green.  Popotla was fun.  Its a sea shanty town with restaurants stacked on top of one another serving up fresh fish and shrimp oceanside.  I didn't understand the girl serving me, so she would ask the lady at the front how to say something in English and after reciting it about six time would come back and ask me.  I was waiting for the question after hearing her practice and she started and hesitated and I laughed and she laughed.  Alexandra.   

Then came the flats.  The front was first.  I decided to repair all my tubes in anticipation of more.  A few K later the back one.  I changed it out but heard the hiss.  Changed that one out, pumped it up and at 60 PSI the bead popped off and the tube blew.  I went with the 29er tube this time.  Right now its holding and I hope my streak is over.  I need to find some patch kits before I hit the desert. 

Ensenada is awesome.  The cleanest city in Mexico I've been to.  People here are nice and helpful and the fish tacos are amazing.  I would like to come back and sample the wine that's made here.  It doesn't really make it to the states for some reason.


  1. After a day of juggling a baby, a toddler, dirty diapers and so on its refreshing to sit down and see the results of someone using time wisely and living life to its fullest. Keep it coming!

  2. This is made of awesome. I miss the lobster burritos I had down there 10 years ago...