Thursday, February 04, 2010

Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?

I found myself in the midst of a flashback of sorts tonight.  Snelson and I were talking about Outkast and the Love Below/Speakerboxx album and I suddenly felt the urge to play some Outkast on the bass guitar.  Only tonight when I grabbed the bass I didn't take it over to the couch and assume the sloucher posture, tonight I played standing like night of the first time I played Outkast on the bass guitar, Hey Ya! off the love below.  Then I broke into the Happy Family story as I stood amongst friends and played occasionally, telling of Boo Ray and the day it snowed in 2004 in Athens and the party that a few brave soles came to witness.  I wondered if by some coincidence it was this day all those years ago.  Its not, though the timing seemed about right.  Inspired six years now.  Maybe its time to play music again.

I've been working on the triathlon touring bike...the tourathlon bike as it was dubbed tonight.  I should finish tomorrow.  Its pretty bad ass if I must say.  I'd certainly ride it.  It turns out that a cross between these two essentially ends you up with a road bike with one underlying goes in a very long straight line.  I'll post some complete photos when its done and tell y'all more about it then, but for now you can look at some raw brazing shots.  

Gabba Gabba Hey!  Gabba Gabba Hey! Gabba Gabba Hey!

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  1. Dude thats awesome! Im sure BooRay would ride a Tourathlon type bike as long as he could tote his guitar. Its funny because last time I was in Athens I picked up the Flagpole and there was a full page article on Boo Ray. Turns out he must be out of jail, off the smack and playin his ass off. He's getiing ready to put another record out. The Happy Family gig remains a highpoint for me. It just goes to show how when you get a bunch of friends together the party just flows.... epic!