Friday, January 22, 2010

Truss Fork Part !

I've been thinking about the truss forks out there for a while now and have always thought they looked like a frame to about the sturdiest front rack around, but haven't really seen it executed.  I'd been wanting to build one for the Forest Cruiser for a while now but hadn't worked out a clamp mechanism for  a removable steerer.  I decided that it was time to just build the damn thing and work out the details in front of me.  Getting into this project so far has proven to be just that...working out the details as they're thrown at you.  An exercise in sleeving and straight guage and using what's around the shop.  Good ninja training.   I bent the blades on a curve I grooved out of a piece of laminated pine construction beam at about the radius of a 29" wheel.  The crown race assembly was the trickiest part of course, it uses no prefabbed parts apart from the binder bolts.    The stays combined both my bending forces and utilized the block and the conduit bender.  They're not the swoopiest things, but hey they match.  All said it is a functional item right now, but I'm not done, and as such, this is only part ! of the series.  Hasta Luego

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