Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy New Year

Greetings and welcome. Since a number of you have been asking for it, here is my attempt at technology. I hope you don't expect much. I'd rather put my efforts into the work and life I'll attempt to document for you interested souls. But that said, here we are. Now where to begin? I just got back from and extended trip to the homeland. A trip there is always good for a lot of things: catching up with folks, bike rides with guys like this,
running water, reminiscing, good beer, and on and on, but any great length of time spent there always leaves me with one overlying thought....Birth Control. This is something I'm a big fan of. There is no faster way to giving up everything I know and love at this point than knocking someone up. Inevitably I will back come around to the idea that I want a little tribute to myself and (insert current fancy here) running amok and causing havoc in my live, but a lengthy trip to the land of the babies always shoves that aside for another year. Don't get me wrong here, props to all you fathers and mothers out there, but none for me thanks. Not now. Luckily one of the few other refugees to the west was set to remind me of my affinity for birth control this year and brought me an awesome Christmas present...or maybe it is more of a Solstice present in the Pagan sense of the world.
Fast forward to New Years. I love New Years. It comes with this refreshing sense that you can reinvent yourself however you so choose, or not, and for no real reason at all. The reality of this hit me on the plane ride back home to Arizona, but I'm not exactly sure why or how. I guess I was thinking about the things I would keep the same and the things I would reinvent, expecting everything else to remain the same. After twelve hours of running around airports and sitting on cramped airplanes and lost luggage, I finally got here. Cole picked me up that night and brought me back to a world unexpectedly full of surprises. She presents me with a fine cactus from her friend in the desert and then brings me into her studio to show off her current work. Amazing.

I love this life and am looking forward to getting out to the shop for a fresh start in the new year. Who knows what surprises it will bring. Enjoy.

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  1. Good to have you back here in the land of babies. It was great to see that you have found something in your life that really excites you as much as building and creating something that people can throw their leg over and go for it. Can't wait to get mine. Trogdor lives on!!