Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shop Happenings and Some Press

Here's a little glimpse of things going on around here these past couple weeks.  The lineage of bends leading up to the one on the left were all produced on a bender made in house.  Its a massive piece of metal that I just keep drilling and polishing and adding more on and moron to make its products all the nicer.  I've been working on this project for waay longer than I'd like to admit but sometimes projects get shelved in the name of acutally making bikes.  It took eight attempts and a full 8 feet of thin wall practice metal to get to the point of even wanting to try bending an oversized unicrown blade.  The first bends were a success in that they are usable blades.  After some further modifiications the following attempts produced the desired results.

I've been on a handlebar kick of late too.  In addition to the straight bars that have made their way onto some of the recent bikes, I've been messing around with some brazed designs.  The bar below started as a mis-bent straight bar and ended up an eleven degree touring bar for use with the Thomson BMX stem.  This bar features multiple hand positions and some area to tie on gear and accessories.  Bars like this and other designs as well are available for purchase with a frame, painted to match or following whatever color scheme you may like.

Lastly, my buddy Will over at WTB was kind enough to turn the spotlight my way and feature me on his summer blog series "Rad People Who Ride."  Pretty cool stuff going on over there, both at the blogspot and the company in general.  You can find the article HERE.  Thanks Will!  Enjoy y'all!


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