Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Here It Is.  Year three of the Baah Ride.  I've been wondering if it would happen again but a slight alteration of the course has me pumped more than ever.  Other people too.  The course is noted on the flyer.  The rest will only be amplified from the previous years.

here's a random list of why the Baah is cooler than you know:

1.)  Its a tribute to the goat.

2.)  The goat(s) live(s) on Mt. Elden right behind my house and shop

3.)  Mt. Elden is one of the coolest topographic features here in Flagstaff and many cool rides start here with a trip to the top, as does the Baah for instance.

4.)  Mountain biking is awesome!

5.)  Ridiculousness is awesome, there will be plenty of that.

6.)  The goat is awesome, it (they) have been subsisting on the mountain in some feral state since they were herded here (Spanish sheep hearding could have been in the area as early as the late 1600s, though its history is unrecorded).  They've been here longer than you have.

7.)  Pan, half goat half man, was known in ancient Greek mythology for fertility and the coming of spring.

8.)  Might I note that the Baah takes place on (B)easter Sunday?  Somehow this just seems a little more appropriate ritual and falls a little closer to home than an easter bunny.

9.)  There will still be a (B)easter egg hunt.

10.)  A tribute to the goat.

Oh yeah, I've been doing a lot of coloring activities so feel free to print out and color the full size flyer for full effect.  It just worked out that way.  As did everything else you read here.


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