Friday, February 26, 2010

A new ride

February's almost done and winter in the shop has been an interesting experiment to say the least.  Four forks and two frames in the last two months all done with hand files with some other magic thrown in for good measure.  Here's my new ride.  The super commuter.  Its everything a surly cross check ever wanted to be.  Actual tire clearance for 700 x 45s, horizontal dropouts, rack mounts.  John the powdercoater called this the blue job.  He baked some color into the steel before clear coating it.  Its pretty reacted with hand oils so you can see some fingerprints under the surface and all the brazes are real clean and shiny.  Of course photos do it no justice.  I'll get some complete bike pics when its all done.

Moustache March will be here in no time at ready.  Richard

1 comment:

  1. Im not sure what Moustache March is but Mustache February looks kicks ass. Dude.. nice bike... Im not a big fan of the segmented stuff but you may have just won me over with the matching rear end.